Saturday, November 10, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing......

My oh my.....over a month and no post? What kind of blogger am I? Obviously a novice! Hey....a busy novice! We were fortunate enough to have two long weekends, back to back, of to Monterey and one to Mendocino. Monterey was, for lack of better words, awesome. My DH and a good friend of ours planned a golfing weekend and asked me if I wanted to come along. Now mind you I don't golf but I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself, so of course I said yes. There are two yarn stores in the vicinity....that alone was reason enough to go! I had such a good time by myself.....drove down to Big Sur and visited art galleries; shopped around Montery; did the 17 mile drive to Carmel and of course bought yarn! I got lots of supplies for my artwork, particularly pieces for my Shaman series and am itching to finish some new pieces. And we had fabulous meals, and drank lots of wine and got kicked out of the hotel hot tub! Good times.

And Mendocino, a combined anniversary/birthday celebration trip. Mendocino is our very favorite weekend get-away. DH and I go up there at least twice a year when we can manage it. I love the ocean there.....miles and miles of very dramatic coast line. And no matter what time of year or what the weather is like, it is beautiful. The drive there is just as beautiful, through Napa Valley, Alexander Valley and then Anderson Valley. The stretch through the Redwoods along the Navarro River is my favorite part of the drive. When you emerge from the forrest you can smell the ocean and it is instant relaxation mode for me! Got lots of knitting done, I was working on my first attempt of cabled knitting and it was a success. I also got the body of my entrelac vest finished. We had a cottage at one of our favorite places, Sweetwater Inn and Spa, that had its own hot tub. Talk about heaven! It was foggy and misty, perfect hot tub weather. Our first night there, we went up to the grocery store, bought wine, cheese, crackers, grapes and had a feast, sitting in the hot tub. Was a wonderful start to our mini-vacation. And yes, I bought yarn and buttons there, too. I always pop in to the yarn shop there; is a great little shop that has expanded in recent years. I got some lovely Classic Elite Alpaca sock yarn. (yes....yet another skein of sock yarn!).

I've had artwork accepted to two galleries and work in a shop here in town and have been busy with artist receptions....and now the holidays are on us and I have two shows to do and don't want to pull work out of the shop and gallery, so I have much artwork to do! And here I am sitting at the table blogging! And...I just found out I am to be a I have an excuse for knitting all of those cute baby sweaters! And sock yarn is perfect, and I have lots of it, and so yesterday I got on-line and bought more.......the baby is a boy so I had to buy more blue yarn!!!!!!! As one project gets close to completion, my entrelac vest, several more will be cast on: baby sweater, A-line sweater for me, DH's socks, a pair of socks for my youngest son....the list goes on..... I have so much on my plate it is crazy!!!! When will I get it all done???? I guess I could start right now.......stay tuned and see what I accomplish. Later!!

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