Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stitch 'n Pitch

Last night I went to my first Stitch 'n Pitch at PacBell/ATT/whatever Park in San Francisco. I heard about it last year a week too late so I was determined this year. As an extra bonus, Barry Bonds is within 3 homeruns to break the all time record, and yesterday was also his birthday. I figured he was playing at home, a special day....he had to make it memorable. No such luck. He was up at bat at least 6 times and only got one base hit. At least they pitched to him instead of intentionally walking him. Score was 4 to 0 until the 9th (!) inning when the Giants tied it up. Thats when the game got good. It was so much fun to be with a group of 15 like minded women! We talked and laughed and knitted the game away. We got goodie bags, too, filled with #19 wooden needles, #1 plastic needles (Pony?) a double ended, long crochet hook, a little "Giants Fan" needlework sampler, coupons, patterns etc. and a listing of all the yarn and needlework stores in the Bay Area. But what a long night......went on for 14 innings. Didn't get home until after 1am because we took the ferry over. Needless to say I am beat after a long days work. And the day is not over my friend.....I am off to the pub for a darts match. Wish me luck!

PS: This blogging "thing" is interesting. Now I find myself, all day long thinking "should I write about that? Is it even interesting? Does anybody care?!

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knititch said...

this is what all bloggers think. is it even interesting. am i writing to myself and even putting restrictions on what i am writing.